6 Ways A Small Business Owner (Or Just A Regular Person) Can Get Started With Twitter

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  1. Drop your preconceptions of Twitter. You are not trying to be Kim Kardashian or Jeffrey Star or Tyler Oakley. You are just trying to be yourself and honest and friendly.

  2. To learn to be good at Twitter, you have to read other people's tweets so you can see how successful people on Twitter present their ideas. You should spend at least ten minutes a day just reading tweets on Twitter. You can do it at home, in the bathroom, waiting in the dentist office, or during any down time where you have nothing much to do.

  3. Tweet at least once each day. Your first tweets don't have to be the best tweets, and they won't be, even if though you want them to be.

  4. No tweet will ever be that important. What's important is that you show the world of Twitter, on a regular basis, that the owner of your company is a good and potentially interesting person.

  5. Replying to other people's tweets is as important, if not more important, than writing your original tweets. But both are necessary.

  6. Retweets are not that great and can get very annoying to others. Unless you really need to express something relevant with a retweet, don't do it.

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