The design of your website comes from the follow sources:


You are first because Colby gives users great control the design of the pages they create and administer. Colby is a system that encourages its users to take an active role in building their website, learn as they work, and eventually feel in complete control of the information they are sharing.

Once users learn some basic skills, they are excited by the possibilities of what they can do without any additional help.

Your developer

The base design of your website will be implemented first by your developer after conversations with you about how you want the site to look.

Your designer

If you want your website to be truly unique, you will need the help of a designer, or a developer with design skills, to help you with the design of your website. This kind of design occurs over time and improves your relationship and communication with your designer improves. You will also need some time to experiment and figure out exactly what you like.

Colby allows designers to quickly add design options to your site that you can use on old and new pages with ease.

Third party designers

A developer can quickly add design elements provided by third party developers and designers that you will be able to easily use on your web pages.

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