Make a Payment

This form is used to add payments to your cart.

  • Type the amount you want to pay into the "Amount" field, such as "500.00".

  • Type a description of what you are paying for into the description field, such as "Invoice 547" or "Invoices 547, 551" The description can have multiple lines.

  • When you are happy with your description, click the "Add Payment to Cart" button and you will be taken to your shopping cart.

  • If you want to create a separate item in your cart for each invoice, then add just a single invoice at a time and return to this page to add each additional invoice before checking out. Once you have added all the invoices to your cart you can check out just once to pay the full total.

  • You can also remove items from your cart before checking out if you change your mind or need to make a correction.

  • When you check out, you will enter your name and contact information to complete your order so there is no need to put that information in the description.

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