Mattifesto is a web development and services company owned and operated by Matt Calkins. Mattifesto builds long term relationships with clients to help improve their website and the clients' own skills.


Mattifesto builds websites using its own "Colby" content management system. This system allows websites to be built quickly and allows the content of the website to be created, updated and maintained with ease by you and your employees.

Software Development

Mattifesto will develop custom functionality for your website to match your needs. Every customer requires some simple development but complex development is often required. For instance, importing data from your inventory management system or creating a custom sales flow are common development tasks.


You will want to be able to make changes to the content on your website yourself so that the changes can be made quickly and to your exact specifications. Matt will continue to work with your company even after the website has been finished to help you build your skills.

A website often uncovers improvements that can be made to a company's policies and procedures to help the company respond to customers and opportunities more quickly. Matt will work with you to identify, analyze, and implement these improvements.


Matt Calkins left Microsoft in 2007 after developing the animation system in Windows Presentation Foundation. Before that he worked on DirectX Transforms commonly referred to as DXTransforms, a COM and C++ framework for creating image and 3D mesh transformations and transitions. Matt used DXTransforms to implement the filters and transitions features in Internet Explorer as well as Internet Explorer's first implementation of rendering PNG image files.

Cow in black hole 3D DXTransform

Cow in black hole 3D DXTransform

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