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Making progress on my job hunt is teaching me so many lessons about the current state of technology, the way people act, and the way people think. I'm focusing my time on finding people that 1) have available jobs 2) that I can believe in, and 3) are able to believe in me. Finding all three of those things at once is the challenge, but when I find them, I will have a job.
CSS code specifying a min-width of zero
This is one of the classic responsive design tricks. It's not really a trick because it's necessary in some situations. You must set "min-width: 0;" on some flex items to allow them to shrink. There are a few reasons this may be needed, but it all comes down to the fact that your element has a minimum width that you want to be shrinkable. In my case it recently occurred because I had set the width of an item to basically be it's "preferred width" but I needed it to shrink if it needed to.
VN video editor app on the iPhone screenshot of editing a Mattifesto Devs short video
After committing to use Final Cut Pro for all projects, once again I have been forced to switch to the VN video editor on the iPhone for short videos. The problem with Final Cut Pro is that the organization it takes to make a project, which has to reside on your Mac, takes too much time. It's not an extreme amount of time, but if you're making four videos in a row, it adds up. I make at least 5 short videos a day and if I make them on the iPhone things move so much faster. Using VN and other tools on the iPhone I can crank out four videos relatively quickly. I even stopped using a microphone because hooking that up and setting its gain level takes too much time. The point of short videos is to say hi for a moment. The win I get is temporary attention. When I make it big, I can spend more time on them, but until then, VN it is.
Rear side view of a Mac MIni showing the ports on the back
I just wanted to express for a moment how cute and neat the Mac Mini is.
There is something truly special about receiving a free order of french fries from McDonald's. The salty, savory aroma that wafts up to your nostrils as you open the paper bag, the feeling of anticipation as you reach in and grab a handful of perfectly golden fries - it's a moment of pure joy. But the joy of free french fries from McDonald's goes beyond just the taste. It's also the feeling of being treated, of being valued as a customer. It's the knowledge that, for that brief moment, you are enjoying a little bit of luxury in your day - a small indulgence that makes you feel just a little bit happier and more satisfied. So next time you're at McDonald's and they offer you a free order of fries, take a moment to savor the experience and truly appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Sincerely, Matt + ChatGPT

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