Matt Calkins with some pine trees
In the shadow of towering pines I stand, Their stoic presence, a masculine command. Their needles whisper secrets to the wind, But deep within, a longing begins. For though these trees are grand and tall, My soul yearns for a wilder call. To be amidst the forest's heart, Where every tree is a work of art. I crave the untamed, the dense embrace, Where sunlight flickers in a mysterious chase. To lose myself in nature's vast expanse, And dance with shadows in a wild trance. Amongst the pines, I feel a pull, To wander deeper, to seek the soul Of the forest, where mysteries lie, Beneath the canopy, reaching high. So here I stand, amidst the trees, But in my heart, I long to flee. To lose myself in the forest's lore, And find the wildness I adore.
Taco Bell Hot Sauce
In the fiery embrace of taco zest, Four packets rest, a vibrant quest, Each hue whispers tales, spicy zest, In saucy dance, their flavors jest. Bold as flame, they weave their tale, In every bite, a fiery gale, A symphony of spice, a vibrant sail, Taco Bell's essence, they unveil. From verde to fire, they paint the night, In streams of consciousness, their flight, A dance of flavors, a savoring delight, In each hot sauce, a hidden light. So let us revel in this spicy trance, As taco dreams in gaelic dance, With every bite, we take a chance, In Taco Bell's saucy romance.
Matt Calkins after entirely eating a Taco Time Beef Casita Burrito Platter with nothing but the empty plate to show.
Embarking on a gastronomic journey at Taco Time today, I delighted in the Beef Casita Burrito Platter—a culinary masterpiece featuring a generously sized burrito, a crisp salad, and lightly salted tortilla chips. The ensemble was perfected with a drizzle of zesty ranch dressing, and to heighten the experience, I liberally applied an entire container of hot sauce to my burrito. The harmonious blend of succulent beef, fresh components, and the bold kick of the hot sauce made this platter an unparalleled favorite. In my enthusiasm for the delectable flavors, I unintentionally devoured the entire meal before realizing the missed opportunity to capture its visual allure—a testament to the irresistibility of Taco Time's culinary craftsmanship.
Matt Calkins behind a half-eaten Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Smash'd Potato Bowl With Nuggets.
In my recent dining experience, I decided to try the Smash'd Potato Bowl with Chicken Nuggets from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Despite my initial expectations, the dish turned out to be just okay. One noticeable drawback was the absence of gravy, which could have added a much-needed layer of flavor. The main taste profile seemed to oscillate between salty and bland, creating a culinary conflict rather than a harmonious blend. Comprising french fries, mashed potatoes, cheese, cheese sauce, bacon bits, and chicken nuggets, the dish offered a diverse mix of textures and flavors. While the components worked together reasonably well, the absence of gravy was a notable missed opportunity. Although the Smash'd Potato Bowl with Chicken Nuggets didn't quite reach the heights of culinary excellence, it provided a decent dining experience that could benefit from some refinement.
Matt Calkins behind a McDonald's Double Big Mac
Embarking on a culinary escapade, I recently ventured into the realm of fast-food innovation with the McDonald's Double Big Mac. The towering creation, a symphony of beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions, offered a momentary thrill. Yet, as the initial euphoria waned, I found myself pondering whether the grandeur of doubling the iconic Big Mac compromised the delicate balance and nuanced interplay of flavors that made the original a timeless favorite. The double iteration, while not a culinary disaster, seemed to veer towards excess, overshadowing the artistry inherent in the classic Big Mac. In reflection, my foray into the realm of the McDonald's Double Big Mac left me with a newfound appreciation for the elegance of simplicity. The original, with its carefully crafted combination of ingredients, remains a testament to fast-food finesse. While the Double Big Mac may cater to heartier appetites, the risk of diluting the essence of a culinary icon serves as a reminder that sometimes, more isn't necessarily better. In the realm of fast food, it's the subtle nuances that elevate a dish, and for me, the allure of the classic Big Mac endures as a testament to the enduring beauty of a tried-and-true favorite.
Matt Calkins holding a half-eaten Dick's Deluxe burger from Dick's Drive-In at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue Washington.
Today I made my videos at Dick's Drive-In at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue Washington. The fries were awesome, and were still warm enough, but a little cooler than I would prefer because I was waving them around for the video. The Dick's Deluxe burger was fine. I didn't realized until the very end that I had forgotten to add salt to the burger which made it a bit more bland than I like. Having said that, it was great overall. 🍔
Matt Calkins putting on a happy face while the Bellevue Washington weather is freezing.
It was so cold, I didn't know what to do. Brrr... ❄️❄️❄️
Matt Calkins getting an Ocrevus Infusion at the University of Washington Outpatient Medical Center
Every six months I get an Ocrevus (Ocrelizumab) infusion to treat multiple sclerosis. It's not a big deal, but at the new Outpatient Medical Center Infusion Clinic you get a private room for a longer infusion. Private enough to take a couple of videos and a bunch of pictures, which I'm sure is what they intended.
Matt Calkins at The UPS Store in Bellevue Washington
I went to The UPS Store to get my mailbox back after giving it up. It was $300, that's also why I gave it up! 😂
Matt Calkins at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington
Embracing the rustic charm of Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington. 🏡 Capturing moments and creating content against the backdrop of this farmhouse-inspired beauty.
Electrify America charging station in Redmond Washington
I made a YouTube video unveiling the cosmic drama at the Electrify America station, conspiracies colliding next to Bank of America. In the surreal world of the 3rd cousin of Trisha Paytas, who may not even exist, we ponder: Did aliens craft this neon oasis to monitor our banking secrets? Buckle up for the intergalactic saga! 👽💫
Matt Calkins at an abandoned gas station across the street from Dunn Lumber and 7-Eleven in Bellevue, Washington
Yesterday, I filmed my videos at an abandoned gas station located just across the street from Dunn Lumber and 7-Eleven in Bellevue, Washington. What made this shoot stand out was the addition of a magnetic light that I affixed to the back of my car for the first time. This simple addition significantly enhanced the quality of the photos and videos.
Matt Calkins at the future Pizza Hut location at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue Washington
While driving past Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, Washington today, I couldn't help but notice the promising sight of the future Pizza Hut proudly displaying its sign. This news is particularly exciting for me, as the previous Pizza Hut near Microsoft had closed its doors a few years ago. Pizza Hut has always been my go-to for delicious and affordable pizza, and the prospect of its return adds a sprinkle of anticipation to my day.
Matt Calkins on location at Dick's Drive-In restaurant at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue Washington.
Today's video was shot at Dick's Drive-In in Bellevue's Crossroads Mall. The main idea behind the video was resisting the temptation to enjoy a meal at Dick's, even though the craving was real. I specifically chose to avoid the irresistible combo of a Dick's Deluxe, two cheeseburgers, and two orders of fries. We can all agree that it's a bit too much food, but the desire for it lingers nonetheless.
Today marked the third day of my on-location YouTube series, and I decided to feature Taco Bell. Going the extra mile, I indulged in a Double Berry Freeze during their happy hour for that extra touch. To capture the perfect shot, I strategically parked my car for an optimal view of Taco Bell (though it may be slightly blurred in the photo). Undeterred by challenges, I mounted my camera on the driver's side window and even left the door ajar to achieve the desired angle—because that's the level of dedication I bring to my work!
Creator Matt Calkins in the Overlake Red Robin parking lot.
As I embark on the second day of 2024, it also marks the second day of my journey to film YouTube videos on location. I'm stationed at a Red Robin parking lot in this image, but every location poses a unique physical challenge for me. Living with multiple sclerosis, the backdrop may change, but the constant is my love for creating videos in different places. Despite the physical hurdles, I strive to infuse each video with a vibrant backdrop, capturing motion and the essence of diverse environments.
Matt Calkins at Goldsmith Neighborhood Park
It's New Year's Day 2024, and today marks a significant decision for me – I've chosen to take my video creation to new locations. Previously, I faced the challenge of primarily shooting videos at home or occasionally in my car. Being disabled, filming outside my home presents unique challenges. Despite my mobility, navigating unfamiliar environments requires careful consideration and concentration. While it's not without its difficulties, it's certainly manageable with attention to detail. I'm pleased with my decision, and there's a positive impact – it serves as excellent exercise for me. Today's session might have been particularly intense, but I anticipate building a routine that enhances my fitness. I believe consistent physical activity will lead to great things in the long run.
The chemotherapy "lounge" looks so bright today! Why don't we just do my bladder cancer chemotherapy out here???

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