Matt Calkins after entirely eating a Taco Time Beef Casita Burrito Platter with nothing but the empty plate to show.
Embarking on a gastronomic journey at Taco Time today, I delighted in the Beef Casita Burrito Platter—a culinary masterpiece featuring a generously sized burrito, a crisp salad, and lightly salted tortilla chips. The ensemble was perfected with a drizzle of zesty ranch dressing, and to heighten the experience, I liberally applied an entire container of hot sauce to my burrito. The harmonious blend of succulent beef, fresh components, and the bold kick of the hot sauce made this platter an unparalleled favorite. In my enthusiasm for the delectable flavors, I unintentionally devoured the entire meal before realizing the missed opportunity to capture its visual allure—a testament to the irresistibility of Taco Time's culinary craftsmanship.

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