Matt Calkins with some pine trees
In the shadow of towering pines I stand, Their stoic presence, a masculine command. Their needles whisper secrets to the wind, But deep within, a longing begins. For though these trees are grand and tall, My soul yearns for a wilder call. To be amidst the forest's heart, Where every tree is a work of art. I crave the untamed, the dense embrace, Where sunlight flickers in a mysterious chase. To lose myself in nature's vast expanse, And dance with shadows in a wild trance. Amongst the pines, I feel a pull, To wander deeper, to seek the soul Of the forest, where mysteries lie, Beneath the canopy, reaching high. So here I stand, amidst the trees, But in my heart, I long to flee. To lose myself in the forest's lore, And find the wildness I adore.

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