(Almost) Impossible Challenges

Sometimes our most important projects lead to a failure point. Just keep working!

Projects are projects. No matter where you are or what you're trying to do, sometimes a project will go off course or fail. It's disappointing, but you learn from it. If you keep working, you will either succeed at the original task or a new better thought out plan.

Website programming and design faces the same challenges. Website tasks are also very amenable to second chances. The flexibility of what you can do is high, but sometimes you need to try a second or third time.

I think one of my best skills is leading clients though projects. Teaching them to actually look at their website and think about what messages they want to send. There are always a series of challenges and failures they go through when learning to improve their skills. And it works! My clients start to become very capable marketers, and that makes me feel good.

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