Back to 3D Development with SceneKit

All of the stuff seems familiar, but it's been a while.

3D development for me has always been more about APIs, and not as much about applications. I decided it's time to go back to 3D for me, and the first day is a day of humility. I started investigating SceneKit and Metal in Xcode on the Mac. I do remember the ramp up time for 3D development is significant and it doesn't help that I'm starting from beginning again.

But I'm happy to say nothing is horribly intimidating, my experience is good an conceptually I'm not worried. 3D development and I always got along well. But it's like a fresh set of Legos and no instructions, what do I build? Why would I built it?

I guess for the first few sessions that's not so important. At times like this I challenge myself to do something and just make as many changes as possible. Get experience via 12 little 5 minute sessions. Today was about understanding the template code, and we'll see what happens tomorrow.