~ California ~ Navy Blue ~ and ~ Orange

The navy blue and orange combination is one of my favorites. As I worked on this page I spent a lot of time iterating on the colors to get them just right. One of my inspirations was a sun-faded sweatshirt I could imagine lying on a bench at a California beach.

The navy blue color is: hsl(220, 30%, 25%) I originally had the hue at 240 which is pure blue but it would read as purple on some screens taking it a little toward green made for a much better navy blue and reduced the color's intensity as a background. It's heavily desaturated and darkened to make it both suitable as a background color and give it that well-worn sweatshirt look.

The orange color is: hsl(35, 95%, 60%) It leans a little toward yellow, is slightly desaturated and slightly brightened to give it that mellow faded look while still standing out enough to command attention.

The title font is "Oleo Script". This font is so perfect for the word "California" that I almost can't stand it. The body text font is "Indie Flower" which makes me think of the journal that the owner of the sweatshirt is writing in. Or maybe the chalkboard menu outside the café across the street.

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