Dealing with a Circular JavaScript Dependency with Microsoft Drama and a Simple Next Step

Microsoft Drama on YouTube!

I talk about the changes made in Colby version 604. While thinking about how to move functions out of the Colby.js file and into the future file that will handle Ajax functions, CBAjax.js, and the existing file that handles error handling, CBErrorHandler.js, a potential circular dependency was found.

Should I add support for circular dependencies? The Mattifesto Method says simplicity is best. It say explicitly that the best thing you can do is not add anything. I talk about Microsoft drama involving the install time of Windows NT 4 vs. Windows XP.

I moved forward with a small step, a tiny step, of altering the way a regular expression was declared using the RegExp constructor and adding a test for the Colby.js file.

The potential lessons for all developers is explored.

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