Displaying Artwork in Dim Light

You have something beautiful to share, and dim light is romantic, but it might not create excitement.
A dimly lit row of windows under trees showing artwork at Seattle Center.

I'll tell you something about this picture. I went with a friend and a tripod one night to Seattle Center at dusk to do a photo safari at night. I need to do it again because these are some of my favorite pictures that I've ever taken.

Mystery and subtlety are great but keep in mind, a website that is romantic and mysterious might not create the excitement and attention you need. You got to say what you mean clearly. Of course there are times for charm, but those are down the alleys of your website, not along main street.

I train my clients to say what they want clearly. It's often a challenge for them and for me. The task really highlights the times when your message isn't well thought out. That is a challenging time for every business.