Honest Business Video. Talking About My Own Personal Business Insecurities.

It's painfully honest and uncut.

I had a difficult time this morning. Making YouTube videos has been fun, but it’s like having a giant super-huge mirror in front of you at all times showing you all the things you are doing wrong in YouTube, business, and also in life.

So I recorded this video once, the way I usually do, and then realized my microphone wasn’t placed correctly. I lost my resolve and my patience. I put the microphone on and told myself, we are just going to record this and... whatever.

After that, I wasn’t sure. But I watched it twice, and both times I felt it was incredibly touching. I felt my own pain watching the video. Then I told myself, you must release this video. If you want people to see that you are real, this video tells them that.

I mention Jeffree Star in the video, it's about whether he should continue to use Shopify.

This video was recorded using FiLMiC Pro on my iPhone X and uploaded directly to YouTube without editing. I sneeze once.

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