How I Promoted a Donald Trump, Dolly Parton, and RuPaul YouTube Video Using Twitter Replies

YouTube Video

In this video I sportscast the promotion and response to my Matt Calkins YouTube video “I’m Happy to Moderate Between Fans and Non-Fans of Donald Trump in Honor of Dolly Parton and RuPaul”.

This is my second big political video and it is my best performing video ever. The video is me being a moderate and trying to together all of the liberal and conservative citizens of The United States of America.

In the video I talk about how I am gay but also a country boy. The use of the term “country boy” is tricky because there can be rankings within that identity and I will certainly not always have the highest ranking. My next Matt Calkins channel video may be on this topic.

In YouTube videos you have to be careful because when people want to they will take all of your casual words very seriously and literally. This is a political tactic you will have to get used to and learn to deal with and communicated through.

The video did very well with 300 views when I started making this video. I have one video with more views than that after a long time which is a non-adult video about unboxing Fruit of the Loom underwear, but 300 views in less than a day has never happened to me before. I also got 3 new subscribers in this time which has never happened before either.

I got there by giving honest and valid responses to political tweets related to Donald Trump on Twitter and then stating I made a video about unification and the link to the video. This actually worked very well.

This may force me into making political videos more often. Also, this style of video matches my personality. But I will be like Princess Diana and I will care about everyone in the world and not get into arguments with them. At least that’s my goal.

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