How To Use Twitter Direct Messages

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This video is a tutorial about Twitter Direct Messages or DMs. The second half of the video walks through a set of screen shots showing exactly the steps of a direct message conversation between two Twitter accounts.

Which Users Can Send Me Direct Messages?

You can receive direct messages from users you follow. If you allow message requests from everyone you can get direct messages from any user you haven't specifically blocked.

If you're a business you may want to allow message requests from everyone on an account where that is appropriate, such as your business account or a customer service account.

(Settings and privacy ↣ Privacy and safety ↣ Direct Messages)

Sometimes even large businesses are most responsive to customer service requests made by direct message on Twitter. It's actually a very good way to communicate with customers or clients.

To Which Users Can I Send Direct Messages?

You can send direct messages to users who follow you and users who allow message requests from everyone.

Sending Personal Direct Messages

Sending a direct message is appropriate when you follow them, they follow you, and you may have something notable in common.

You can also use direct messages to seek customer service from a business or an organization.

Sending Professional Direct Messages

Sending direct messages is appropriate when you are responding to a direct message you received that was initiated by a follower or your business is seeking customer service from another business or an organization.

You should not send unsolicited direct messages to your followers.

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