I Created My Sixth Twitter Account And Now I Can't Get Into It! Help My Small Business Twitter!!!

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I have an ongoing issue with Twitter regarding verification of the Twitter account @mattifestomedia for my new YouTube channel Mattifesto Media. We'll talk about that channel in a minute.

Twitter is asking me to verify the channel by providing a cell phone number, but then says my cell phone number is already in use. They are right, it is already in use, by five other Twitter accounts.

My whole take on this situation is that I'm fine with Twitter wanting verification. I'm fine with providing even more verification than they are asking for.

The problem is that once you hit what seems to be five Twitter accounts they start acting weird. I am a valid licensed small business with six very real YouTube accounts, each of which has an Instagram account, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and, of course, an entire website. I am in all of the videos and am clearly a human being with credentials.

It's odd that the thing stopping me is that I only have one phone number when I'm willing to to anything reasonable to make Twitter see that I am not a bot.

Currently, I have at least one trouble ticket logged with them, so I'll keep you updated with my progress on breaking through the Twitter ceiling!

I have a new channel that I mentioned before called Mattifesto Media. This channel exists to help "normal" business people and creators make videos with the equipment that have and maybe a few extra pieces, such as a tripod. iPhones are good enough cameras for all but the very elite. If you have an iPhone there's no need to wait to get started filming great YouTube videos.

I now have six channels. The Mattifesto channels are for slightly more professional business people and creators. The are Mattifesto, Mattifesto Devs, and the new channel, Mattifesto Media.

The channels for everyone are Matt Calkins, for mukbangs, Yay Computer for computer fun, and Sclerodeo for multiple sclerosis warriors and supporters.

Having six channels has changed my schedule to one video per week per channel with one free day. I may make a video or take a break on this day.

My YouTube analytics have been steady this week so there's not much to say about that.

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