Introducing the CBArtworkView

Beautiful artwork deserves to be seen in its original form.

Sometimes you have an a piece of artwork or another image that you want to be seen without cropping on any device. For marketing content it's better to make a few different versions with layouts catering to ranges of device widths. You don't want this for artwork which, by its nature, only has one version. Maybe it's a painting or maybe you have a photo that has such great composition that you want the visitor to see the whole photo.

This is the purpose of CBArtworkView, which can be used on Mattifesto websites. It shows the image at full size (2x retina size) if that will fit on the screen and if not the image is reduced in size.

I put some work into this to meet my quality bar. I see attempts at this type of functionality on my competitors websites with disastrous effects. My view will not change size when the image loads from the server. This will prevent the page from shifting if the visitor has started reading. Your page has the same layout before and after the image loads.

I also built the core technology to be view agnostic so this view can be embedded in other views easily to help custom view development is your needs grow.