VN video editor app on the iPhone screenshot of editing a Mattifesto Devs short video
After committing to use Final Cut Pro for all projects, once again I have been forced to switch to the VN video editor on the iPhone for short videos. The problem with Final Cut Pro is that the organization it takes to make a project, which has to reside on your Mac, takes too much time. It's not an extreme amount of time, but if you're making four videos in a row, it adds up. I make at least 5 short videos a day and if I make them on the iPhone things move so much faster. Using VN and other tools on the iPhone I can crank out four videos relatively quickly. I even stopped using a microphone because hooking that up and setting its gain level takes too much time. The point of short videos is to say hi for a moment. The win I get is temporary attention. When I make it big, I can spend more time on them, but until then, VN it is.

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