I've added a new feature to the Colby content management system called "moments". Moments are basically the same thing as a tweet, but for your website, and they can be longer than a tweet is allowed to be. This right here is a moment. One of the great things about moments is that it's a feature that brings me to all my websites every single day and I am more in touch with them then I ever have been before. For me and Mattifesto, that is great. But my clients' and your businesses would have the same benefit. The key feature of moments is that they are easy and quick to create. You just have to come up with a thought and type it in, and it's done. Pages or blog posts are pretty easy to create in Colby, but not that easy. When working with clients, I could see that if a task was in any way complicated they would avoid it. They run businesses and don't have time for anything extra. Part of my job is to get them to communicate with their website visitors and blog posts and pages were never going to an every day task for them. Moments are different. I'm already experiencing the benefits!

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