Moving Forward Despite Imperfection

You will never be perfect with your website. Creating something good is better than insisting on perfection.

One lesson that all my clients have in common is learning to enhance their websites when they don't have everything they want. They want to write blog posts, but they don't have the right picture. Or they can't think of a good enough topic. Or they spent 5 hours writing the last blog post and so they don't have time for blog posts.

We work through this problem together and improve over time. You should plan to spend 15 minutes on a blog post. Write approximately three paragraphs. If you have a picture, great. If you don't, great. And one last thing, learning to write in an interesting way for other people is a constant practice. Professional journalists struggle with this, so of course you will too.

These are the facts of life of websites. You do something small every day and things eventually start to happen. If you don't, a year goes by and nothing happens. I help you make sure something happens, and inspire your creativity.