My business is like Lindsay Lohan, only better!

My first YouTube video actually talking about my business.

This was a difficult video to make.

The first shoot was badly lit and I was rambling so much that editing was painfully slow. I didn't even finish. I just said, "You're going to have to reshoot."

The first try of the second shoot was okay, but I had forgotten to clip the Microphone to my shirt so the audio was horrible, so bad, it really couldn't used.

Then I kind of got it right on the third try. But, it was a learning video. I told myself I had to say complete sentences structured correctly. No ums or ands or likes. In a lot of ways the result was an improvement, but it doesn't seem as natural.

It will get better. This is how it always works, even for Lindsay Lohan.

STE F1-452
14150 NE 20TH ST
BELLEVUE, WA 98007-3700