Sportscast of 2020 Apple iMac Video, a Political Discussions Video, and Activity on Mattifesto Devs

YouTube Video

In this video I talk about a Yay Computer video where I discussed ordering a new iMac and Matt Calkins video where I talked about learning to behave better in political hot topic conversations.

2020/08/06 Yay Computer

Video Title: I Ordered A New 2020 Apple iMac With A 1TB SSD. How Am I Going To Film The Unboxing???

Apple very recently announced updates to the iMac line and these will probably be the last iMacs made with Intel processors. My laptop is very much showing its age and it was clearly time for me to order a new computer. I owned the first Intel iMac, and now I will own the last.

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Also, I used Apple Card financing so I got myself an Apple Card too!

YouTubers everywhere were in the same boat and everyone is ordering these iMacs. So this was a chance for me to get Yay Computer back on track because I had not been paying much attention to it.

The video did very well. Twitter promotion attracted 25 views and 4 likes which is a lot for a new channel. I also got a new subscriber who had a long comment discussion with me that went very well.

Theoretically, Yay Computer could be my most successful channel because this type of channel can do very well.

2020/08/07 Matt Calkins

Video Title: Political Hot Topic Conversations. I’m Learning To Have Them And You Can Learn With Me.

I made this video to clarify my position on political videos and make it clear that my goal was to respect everyone in the world, specifically the United States. I talked about ways I and my viewers can learn to participate in political conversations in ways that unite rather than divide.

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Like my previous political video, this video did well through twitter promotion and reached 100 views by 8pm. The previous video did better because it was more specific to the topic of Donald Trump and mentioned RuPaul and Dolly Parton. With this video, I wanted to position myself as a good person who respected all other people, so there weren't specifically mentioned people or topics.

Mattifesto Devs Activity

Mattifesto Devs has received 3 new subscribers recently with no new videos. This is a big indicator that this channel is ready to grow. I will be making more videos for it, and my new iMac will help because I will hopefully be able film my face for screen casts with iMac's camera.

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