Switching to CommonMark

My own personal Markdown alternative was not attractive enough to hold my attention.

This is the first public page to use my new CBTextView2 view. It's the first Colby view to use CommonMark via Parsedown. For a number of years I've had my own variant of Markdown. It suited me and my customers well, but now the stability and maturity of CommonMark is attractive. Also the Parsedown parser is amazingly compact and easy to use.

You might be wondering, what happened to the original CBTextView? Well, it was one of the original view of Colby and quite honestly didn't do very much and was deprecated very quickly. After CBTextView came CBThemedTextView which was slightly over complicated. The concept of "themes" design to work with that CBThemedTextView did not work out for various non-technical reasons.

Over the last week I took on the task of removing the original CBTextView from its remaining uses. It will be removed entirely from the system soon once I have the time to ensure it's not being used on any pages.

Working with a maturing system has a few challenges. I have learned to make components as simple as possible to prevent future liabilites. I have learned to avoid as many dependencies as possible to keep thing flexible. Finally, I have learned to compromise where I can to focus on what's truly needed instead of worrying about every possible future scenario.