The Presidential Politics of Websites

Websites show our greatness, but at a cost: website development still happens in the real world.
Gilbert Stuart Williamstown Portrait of George Washington

President George Washington, hear our cries! Working on a website is a great way to expose and subsequently fix business issues!

Caveat: that also makes working on a website a great way to expose people's personal insecurities, guilt over bad decisions, and occasionally lack of effort. Truth is a bright light. Turning it on makes some people happy and other people sad.

Right from the start with clients I let the know that we may discover some missed opportunities and they should not feel bad. We're here to fix things, we all make mistakes, and the only thing we care about is improving ourselves and the company. I make some mistakes too, of course, just to make my clients feel better. But as a team we go on to do great things!

Generally I keep things pretty under control, but there are times that are tricky. You just get through them, or sometimes unfortunately they lead to darker conclusions.

Presidential politics: we all want the best thing for everyone. Unfortunately, life is complex. Even with all the good things we may do, some things just don't happen.