The second meeting with a Fortune 500 company representative is today!

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I’ve been having panic attack like feelings since I woke up this morning. I’m very happy to be able to present my software to a large company but the stakes are so high, it’s difficult to not be bothered by it.

I just wanted to tell you guys how I was feeling for my own sake. It lets me clear my head and organize my thoughts.

I talk a bit about how I would represent my experience if the company wanted me to. I would say, “I am a horrible example of how to do this. Don’t follow my example!” But my situation was unique and filled with many challenges, making it nearly impossible for me personally to do it in a good way.

It’s a bit ironic that in many ways I am thoroughly enjoying the business aspects of this process, I’d just rather not be where I’m at financially right now while I do it. But that’s okay, that’s the bed I’ve made. Keep fighting!

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