The User Interface for Pages in the Trash 2.0

Administrative web pages are my customer facing web pages. I constantly upgrade them with the latest features.

It is an exciting effort to keep the administrative user interface of the Colby website system bright, cheery, and inspirational. In Colby, when you delete a page it is sent to the trash. There is another page where you can decide to either recover or permanently delete that page. That page is getting updated.

The "Pages in the Trash" page has been less frequently updated because it is less frequently used. Since the other administrative pages have been updated, this page stands out and it will be nice to improve it to match the other administrative pages.

As part of this effort, I'm also developing a standard user interface around list items that have custom commands. For this page the custom commands are "recover" and "delete permanently". Because lists of items with custom commands are used everywhere, this will help speed up the development of other administrative pages.