The Wonderful World of Website Images

A picture is worth 1,000 words, just find one you can use.

Website images are something that sound so easy and fun, but for small to mid-sized businesses managing images can be challenging.

Public Domain

The skill of finding and using public domain images is more difficult than you might think. To legally use an image you must understand its license. You may have to add text to your site to credit the image author. The image may not be available for commercial use, so if you're a business, that means you.

Your Own Images

The best way forward is to use your own images. Large companies have the advantage here because they are constantly taking high quality photos. Medium and small companies don't have this advantage. If someone who works for you doesn't have the time or skill to take decent photos, this isn't an option.

Stock Photography

I subscribe to Adobe Stock which is the first stock photography service I found to have reasonable rates and non-convoluted policies. The usual deal with stock photography is that you have to buy a monthly service to get decent rates. Adobe made the first simple version of this. Before Adobe Stock, other stock photography sites had extremely convoluted ways of paying intended mostly on tricking you into paying more than you wanted to. The also converted your money into "credits" which were changed at different rates so you might not even be able to tell how much you were paying. Adobe Stock fixed this.