Weekly Recap: Daydreaming of my 2020 Apple iMac, Unboxing my Apple Card, and Developer Documentation

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This is the weekly recap of videos made on Matt Calkins YouTube channels between 08/08/2020 - 08/15/2020.

08/11/2020 Yay Computer

Daydreaming About The Arrival Of My New 2020 Apple iMac for High Society AND Low Redneck Society

This video was made because I was excited about the new iMac and just wanted to talk about it, and that's what I did. I wouldn't say it's the best YouTube video I've ever made, but it did okay. As of this writing it has 37 views which is good for this channel, and 0 likes which is not great. My mom has stopped liking my videos, that was always my one guaranteed like. But I know she still likes me and that's enough!

08/13/2020 Yay Computer

UNBOXING Apple Card That Financed New 2020 Apple iMac. Luxury Credit! High Society! White Trash Me!

I made this video because I received my titanium Apple Card and was happy to show it off. They did a really good job on the design of these cards and it's a fun object to have in a video. However, I don't think the topic of this video is compelling. This video as 20 views at the time this is being written, which is actually good for this channel. However, it has not likes.

I was sillier with the Twitter promotion of this video on Twitter. I began responding to tweets about Donald Trump wanting a Nobel Peace Prize with a tweet claiming that I deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating financing between an 2020 iMac and an Apple Card. I did get some likes on these tweets.

08/14/2020 Mattifesto Devs

A High Level Developer Needs To Write Documentation Instead Of Delegating The Task To Others

I was feeling very tired because I am writing documentation as part of my attempt to sell my business to a Fortune 500 company. The video was very real, and I think made some great points, but this topic is just not very hot.

Right now this video has 3 views and no likes. We'll have to see what happens over time.

I did get into a little bit of a Twitter tussle with someone who maybe didn't seem to understand that I had replied to their Tweet. They told me to stop spamming them and "stay out of their mentions". Then they hid my tweets and I had to figure out how that whole process worked. I actually deleted my tweets because I have no desire to make someone unhappy. They had accused me of self promotion, and they were partially right of course. I had a legitimate response to their tweet, but they felt attacked and weren't happy. The right thing to do was delete my responses, and I have no problem doing so.


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