Weekly Recap: Personas, First Sclerosis Sunday, RAM Unboxing, Bill & Hillary Clinton, iMac Unboxing

YouTube Video

This video is offered to people and businesses that are interested in creating YouTube videos and a YouTube channel for fun and profit. It's also a place for anyone who likes my channels to get a behind the scenes look at how I'm feeling about the videos I make.

A big part of being a YouTuber is developing a persona. A persona for me is just who I am but slightly altered for public consumption. For instance, you brush your teeth, you don't swear, and you don't do crazy stuff that would haunt you forever. This week was about developing my persona, if not on purpose, at least through experience.

Video 1

Matt Calkins Channel

This was a crazy week of learning by making mistakes and fixing others. One fix was to dedicate Saturday to filming a casual video related to Multiple Sclerosis to release on the Matt Calkins channel on Sunday. It's a great place to have MS talk and a great learning experience because the goal is to simplify the process meaning no intentional lighting or sets.

Video 2

Yay Computer Channel

I was so impatient to get my new 2020 iMac that I made a RAM unboxing video. This and my other Yay Computer video this week were filmed on my new office set and that took a lot of effort but generated a lot of learning. That is a place for improvement.

Video 3

Matt Calkins Channel

I had been generally unhappy with my political videos so of course I decided to make one about how Bill Clinton is not a great person and may be a liability to the Democratic party. Like all my political videos the message is decent but I think I'm learning that I may not want to make political videos. I make them because I feel I should.

Video 4

Yay Computer Channel

The last video was the unboxing of my new 2020 27-inch iMac. This was a disaster and I almost threw the video out. Then I decided to embrace the badness and go with the idea that it is the worst 2020 unboxing video ever made. I actually don't think this is technically true, but this video definitely can't be sold as professional!

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