Weekly YouTube Creator Recap: New YouTube Channel, Filmic Pro Bug, Lighting, Websites, Blogs, Social

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This week I started a new YouTube channel named Sclerodeo on which I will publish multiple sclerosis related videos. This content was originally posted on the Matt Calkins YouTube channel. The problem with this was that I was running short on time and the only videos I had time to make were the multiple sclerosis videos and that made it appear that the Matt Calkins channel was a multiple sclerosis channel, which it is not.

So I created the YouTube channel, a website at https://sclerodeo.com/, and a Facebook page. After about a day I decided to make a Twitter and Instagram account as well so the channel will be fully promotable.

I made an announcement that the Matt Calkins YouTube Channel is going to become and "eating channel" so that channel will have at least some consistency and be more attractive to subscribers. I need to create channels that are "subscribable".

On the Yay Computer YouTube channel I made a video this week about a bug in Filmic Pro and Filmic Remote where Filmic Remote stops showing video. Filmic people contacted me and asked me to report it to their support which I did. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or just me doing something wrong. It turns out it was a bug because it happened when I started making this video as well.

The bug is in Filmic Pro and the workaround is to completely kill Filmic Pro on the iPhone and restart it and Filmic Remote will show video again.

It's getting darker earlier and I had to film while it was completely dark outside. It turns out my lights are not strong enough to light my set enough, so I'm going to have to order some new lights. I also need a new ball joint iPhone mount from my tripod so it will be easier to correctly position the camera.

That's the way YouTube is, there's always one more thing we need and we have to stay committed. I learned this from letting go of some relatively successful websites earlier in my career. Keep going, keep making videos, learn from your mistakes, and work toward success.

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