Your Website is in Your Care

Mattifesto will take care of the software development, but you (with my help) will take care of your website.
Sign on a bridge over the Snoqualmie River. This river is in your care. Within the Snohomish-Snoqualmie watershed.

I perform two important tasks for the clients of Mattifesto:

  • Website design and software development.

  • Training clients to work with the website to reach their goals.

The second item often comes as a surprise to a new client when we first talk. But part of the training is helping them understand why a hands off approach won't help them reach their goals.

I make the process of learning and the act of working with the website fun so that people are happy with the decision to move forward. Also, it can be a little bit of a transition point for a businesses. Are you serious about communicating with your customers? The answer is usually: yes, as long as I don't have to communicate with the customers! But we quickly work through that and get down to business and on the road to success.