YouTube Creator Weekly Recap: Comparing Me To Marques Brownlee, John Lydon, A Punk Music Analogy

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00:00 Introduction 00:18 Having Trouble Attracting Viewers And Subscribers 01:46 The Sclerodeo YouTube Channel 02:09 Twitter 02:34 Balancing YouTube And My Job 03:20 The Matt Calkins YouTube Channel 04:46 The Mattifesto YouTube Channel 05:50 The Mattifesto Devs YouTube Channel 06:24 The Yay Computer YouTube Channel, iJustine, Marques Brownlee 11:42 Punk Music, The Dead Milkmen, John Lydon 13:05 LeftField Lydon, Open Up 13:50 Being Punk And Sill Making Money 14:16 YouTube Identity Crisis 15:37 Sign Off

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Casey Neistat Marques Brownlee iJustine Mark Zuckerberg Nikocado Avocado The Dead Milkmen The Smiths Depeche Mode Public Image Ltd PiL John Lydon Johnny Rotten Sex Pistols


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